I am senior PHP developer /Webmaster with passion in Information Technology. Since 2005 i also become IT Manager and 2008 as Zend Product Manager. You can see all of my website portfolio here http://www.phpweb-development.com/portfolio

My work related to Optimization in Information Technology, Improving IT Business Process in companies, Ecommerce website, Website Maintenance, Payment Gateway, API Integration, Web and Mobile device communication,etc.

Recently i handled clients from United States, Australia, United Kingdom and Netherlands and they’re software company who outsource the project to us and they are from several city like San Fransisco, Illinois, Florida, and Austin-Texas.

Working with PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter,CakePHP,Kohana,Magento and Zend Framework, I also know about the zend tools like Zend Server, Zend Guard, Zend Studio, etc.

You can contact me with email/Google Talk ID riki.risnandar@gmail.com

Riki Risnandar, ZCE (Zend Certified Engineer)

Specialties: software PHP development, framework, zend tools, cakephp, software marketing, google API calendar integration,kohana,payment,paypal,authorize.net,sms gateway,magento


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